Climate Azerbaijan

Climate Western Asia

In Azerbaijan there are also different climate zones due to its topographically very different regions. In the plain along the river Kura there is a semi-desert climate. The winters are very mild and the summers are dry and very hot. The annual rainfall is only 200 to 300 mm. In the extreme southeast of the country lies the lowlands around Lenkoran. This area is subtropically humid. Here the largest amounts of precipitation of the country fall with about 1800 mm of rain. In summer, maximum temperatures of around 40 degrees can occur. The average temperatures lie in the summer months between 27 and 30, in the winter between 5 and 7 degrees. In the coastal regions there is a humid-warm subtropical climate. From May to September it is very hot and humid, the winters are not too cold. The annual precipitation amounts add up to 900 to 1400 mm. In the mountain regions of the Caucasus there is an alpine climate with low temperatures. The winter months are frosty, cold and snowy. In the summers it remains cool. The precipitation amounts to 1300 to 1600 mm per year.

For a trip to the lowlands of Azerbaijan we recommend the months April to June as well as September and October. Then it is pleasantly warm and dry. If you want to visit the higher regions or mountains, you should choose the summer months.


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