Climate Bahrain

Climate Western Asia

Bahrain has a desert-like and humid-warm climate at the same time. Almost the whole year the humidity is high. This is caused by hot and humid winds from the northwest, which are called shamal. Only in the time, when dry desert winds (Qaws) blow from the Arabian peninsula, the humidity is lower. In summer, maximum temperatures of over 35 degrees are normal, and temperatures of up to 45 degrees are quite possible. Even the night temperatures are still between 25 and 30 degrees. In winter the temperatures are pleasantly warm. The maximum temperatures reach 20 to 25 degrees, and at night it can cool down below 15 degrees. Despite the high humidity in Bahrain, precipitation is rare. In the whole year only between 70 and 100 litres per square meter come together. These mainly fall in the months of November to April.

For trips to Bahrain we recommend the winter months despite some rain. Then the temperatures are not too hot and at night it cools down pleasantly. In the summer months you have to expect a lot of heat and sultriness.


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