Climate Belarus

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Belarus has a temperate continental climate. There are large temperature differences between the summer and winter months. From December to February even the highest temperatures are usually below 0 degrees. During the nights it is not uncommon to reach double-digit minus degrees. In addition, plenty of snow can fall. It gets coldest in the northeast of the country. From May to September the highest temperatures almost always reach at least 15 degrees. The warmest month is July with maximum temperatures of partly over 30 degrees. The largest amounts of precipitation fall from June to August. The average annual precipitation is between 550 and 700 mm per square metre.

Due to its flat topography, Belarus is not suitable for skiing. However, the snow-sure and rather long winter is suitable for other winter sports. Spring, summer and autumn are recommended for all other travel purposes. If you don't like it so warm and rainy, you should arrive in April or May.


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