Climate Belize

Climate Central America

Belize has a subtropical climate. Average annual temperatures are about 26°C. The months of November to March are quite dry and the temperatures are pleasant. From April to the end of May it is usually very warm and still quite dry. But then the rainy season begins, which usually lasts until the end of July. In August it is relatively dry. Rain starts again in September, in the north even in October. The strength of the respective rainfalls generally increases from north to south. The highest humidity prevails along the coast between Belize City and Punta Gorda as well as in the jungle areas. In Belize City, an average of 83 percent is measured, but this is made more bearable by sea winds. In Punta Gorda, humidity is usually around 88 percent, in the west around 75 percent, and in the mountains it is significantly lower. The average temperature, which is usually measured in Belize City, is around 26°C. The temperature in the mountains is much lower. The lowest temperatures are around 10°C and the highest 35°C. The climatically most pleasant time is usually the period from November to January, when temperatures are only around 24°C. The lowest temperatures are around 10°C and the highest are 35°C.

The west of the country is hottest in April and May. Temperatures of 37°C are not uncommon at this time. In the mountains, daytime temperatures are below 24°C in November and December, and nighttime temperatures are as low as 5°C. The temperatures in the west of the country are not uncommon at this time of year.

The best time to visit Belize is during the dry season from December to May.


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