Climate Bermuda

Climate Central America

Bermuda has about 360 coral islands, of which about 20 are inhabited. The climate is subtropical and strongly influenced by the Gulf Stream. As a result, temperatures are mild all year round. In winter, average maximum temperatures between 20 and 21 degrees are usually reached, in the summer months July to September between 29 and 30 degrees. Even in winter, the lows rarely fall below 15 degrees. In summer, night temperatures are around 25 degrees. The lowest rainfall is in April and May with 80 to 90 litres per square metre. In the remaining months, rainfall ranges between 100 and 170 litres. It rains the most in October. The annual rainfall amounts to about 1400 litres.

The months of May to October are recommended for bathing and diving holidays. However, in summer you have to reckon with humid air. In addition, Bermudas can be on the track of a hurricane, especially in September and October. In winter the water temperatures are rather cool, but the more pleasant weather invites you to other outdoor activities.


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