Climate Democratic Republic of the Congo

Climate Southern Africa

The Congo has a predominantly tropical climate. The annual precipitation amounts to 1000 to 2000 mm. The average annual temperatures are usually between 21 and 30 degrees. The humidity is very high throughout the year and rarely falls below 70 percent even in the dry season. Regional climatic differences occur due to the different altitudes and the geographical latitude. In the northern regions, the rainy season lasts from April to October, the dry season from December to February. In the centre of Congo, in the immediate vicinity of the equator, precipitation falls all year round. In the south of the country there is a dry season from May to September and a rainy season from October to April. The dry season gets longer the further south you are. In the east of Congo lies the mountainous Kivu region. It lies at an altitude between 1500 and 4000 meters and has a moderate altitude climate. The region has the largest amount of precipitation, which can also fall as snow at the highest altitudes. In the extreme west, the Republic of Congo borders on the Atlantic Ocean. It has a maritime climate.

For trips to Congo, the dry seasons of the individual regions are recommended. Temperature and humidity are then more bearable than during the rainy season.


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