Climate Ecuador

Climate South America

Although located in the subtropical zone, Ecuador does not have a uniform climate.

On the coast and on the western slopes of the Andes, the climate is tropical to subtropical. In the months from January to May the rainy season is in this area. The average temperature is 25-30°C and the humidity is high. The dry season, in which the climate is quite pleasant and average temperatures of 19-25°C are measured, extends over the months from June to December. 2,000-3,000 m high is the Sierra, the actual Andean region. In this part of the country the climate is temperate. During the rather humid period, from November to May, it rains frequently in the afternoon. The temperatures measured in this area remain almost the same throughout the year. However, strong temperature fluctuations, between 8 and 28°C, are often possible several times a day. The average temperatures in Quito (2850 m high) in the warmest month (September) are usually about 12-16°C, in the coldest month (March) about 12°C. Due to the altitude, it can be difficult to adapt at the beginning of a stay. Over 3,500 meters a lot of rain or snow falls. During the day it is about 12°C, at night below freezing. The snow line is 4.500-4.700 meters.

On the eastern slopes of the Andes and in the jungle area (Oriente) it is humid and very warm. It has the highest rainfall in the country, mostly in the afternoon, especially in the months of March and September. The average temperature is 26°C with strong daily fluctuations (8-10°C).

The Galápagos Islands have average annual temperatures of 25-30°C with high humidity and frequent rainfall. January to June is considered the rainy season, the sky is mostly clear and cloudless, rainfall occurs once a day. July to December is a dry season, the sky is mostly cloudy and a light drizzle falls.

The months of April to December are ideal for bathing holidaymakers. Mountaineers should choose the months from June to November for mountain tours in the highlands, whereas June and July are ideal months for tours in the Amazon region. For the Galápagos Islands, January to June are the most interesting months.


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