Climate Egypt

Climate Northern Africa

Egypt has a very dry desert climate with large temperature differences between day and night and between the seasons. The Mediterranean coast and the Nile delta have a Mediterranean climate. In the interior, which consists to a large extent of desert, the air can heat up to 50 degrees in the summer. In the Mediterranean, it is not quite so hot with maximum values of 30 degrees in midsummer. The winters are quite mild everywhere. The maximum values are mostly between 17 and 23 degrees. In the nights the temperatures sink only locally under 10 degrees. In the autumn and winter months showers go down particularly in the Mediterranean regions. In the interior only extremely rarely rain falls.

The best time to go swimming on the Mediterranean coast is between May and September. The Red Sea even has good bathing weather all year round. However, it can get very hot in summer. For round trips and desert tours the months October and November as well as February and April are to be recommended.


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