Climate French Polynesia Islands

Climate Australia & Oceania

All islands of the state have a warm and humid tropical climate. The fluctuations between the seasons are only slight. Nevertheless, one can distinguish between summer and winter. In the summer from November to April it is hottest and humidest. The maximum values are usually between 30 and 32 degrees, and the relative humidity is often over 80 percent. Trade winds provide strong precipitation during this time. Cyclones can also hit French Polynesia from January to March. In winter from May to October it is a little drier and a little cooler. The average maximum temperatures reach 28 to 30 degrees, and the humidity is lower than in summer. Nevertheless, showers and thunderstorms occur from time to time.

For trips to French Polynesia, the winter months are recommended. The hotels are in high season from June to September. Therefore, one should not travel with less nice weather in April, May or October. The water temperatures invite you to swim and dive all year round.


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