Climate Malawi

Climate Southern Africa

Malawi has a pleasant subtropical climate all year round. Along Lake Malawi and in the savannah it is warmest, in the mountains it is coolest.

The average temperatures in the lowlands are about 22-32°C, although maximum temperatures of about 39°C are not uncommon. The lowest temperature is about 14°C. In the mountains it is much cooler. The water temperature of Lake Malawi is between 24-28°C. The area around Lake Malawi has a relatively low rainfall

The dry season extends from May to October. July is the coolest month. Average temperatures are between 10 and 22°C depending on the time of day. The humidity in the morning is 85 percent. In the afternoon it then sinks considerably and is only 40 percent (in the other months it can also be somewhat higher). During the remaining months rainfall is almost always to be expected. The main rainy season lasts from the end of November to March. During this time average temperatures of about 27°C are measured and the humidity is very high. So it can amount to almost 100 percent in the morning. Also at this time of the year the humidity decreases a little at noon. It then amounts to 70 percent.

The dry season from May to October is the cooler time and ideal for observing animals. In the warmer rainy season the landscape is greener and more pleasant. Ideal months to combine both are May and June.


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