Climate Martinique Island

Climate Central America

The island Martinique belongs to the Lesser Antilles in the east of the Caribbean. Overall, the climate is tropical, but there are big local differences. The annual temperature fluctuations are only slight. In the hottest months of July and August, the daily highs are around 31 degrees, in the cooler months between 28 and 29 degrees. Even the night temperatures show only a small annual variation. Although there is precipitation throughout the year, there is a rainy and a dry season. The largest amounts of precipitation fall from June to November. Then the humidity is also very high. However, the rain often falls in the form of short but strong showers, so that the sun shines nevertheless not rarely. From December to May there is a dry season with much lower rainfall. Regionally, the climate is additionally influenced by the trade winds and the volcanoes, which rise up to almost 1400 metres above sea level. The annual rainfall in the south and southeast of the island is only around 1000 mm per square meter, in the north it can rise to 10,000 mm due to humid trade winds.

In general, you can visit Martinique all year round. Warm water temperatures of at least 25 degrees Celsius offer bathing fun all year round. Nevertheless, during the rainy season you have to expect more heavy rainfall than between December and May. From June to November, Martinique can also be on the track of a tropical cyclone.


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