Climate Mauritania

Climate Northern Africa

In general, Mauritania has three climate zones:

In the coastal area between Nouadhibou and Nouakchott, temperatures are milder than in the rest of the country due to the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean. Daytime temperatures in Nouadhibou are around 20°C in December and January and 29°C in September and October. The temperatures measured in Nouakchott are slightly higher in the same period, at 28.8/30°C and 34/36°C respectively. During the months of August and September, Mauritania's air humidity is high in this region.

The area along the Senegal River has very high temperatures for more than half of the year, the humidity is high all year round (tropical).

The interior of the country (Sahara region) has a distinct desert climate, characterized by high temperature differences (about 20°C) between day and night. In this area of Mauritania, day temperatures of well over 40°C are usually reached. In the south of the country and in the river valley of Senegal, on the other hand, there are some abundant rainfalls.

For many Central Europeans, the months November to April are considered to be the most pleasant time to travel.


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