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Portugal has a moderate maritime climate. But there are regional differences. In the north it is altogether somewhat more humid and cooler than in the south. In the quite mountainous regions in the northeast, the climate is clearly more continental than in the rest of the country. The temperature differences between the hot, relatively dry summers and cold winters are big. In the south one finds rather Mediterranean climate. In the summer months, temperatures can rise well above 30 degrees and there is little rainfall. In winter, however, there is plenty of rain and mild temperatures. A special climate prevails in the Azores and Madeira. The Azores are in the sphere of influence of the Gulf Stream. Here it is mild and humid all year round with often changeable weather. In Madeira, the temperature differences between summer and winter are even smaller. However, precipitation is rare in summer and temperatures can occasionally rise to 40 degrees due to winds from the Sahara.

July and August are the best months for a bathing holiday on the north coast. The further south the destination is, the longer the bathing season. For city trips and sightseeing we recommend spring and autumn with mostly pleasant temperatures. In winter, skiing is also possible in the mountains to the northeast. The Azores and Madeira offer themselves by their mild temperatures all year round for journeys.


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