Climate Puerto Rico

Climate Central America

Puerto Rico has a tropical climate with only small temperature variations between the seasons. The average maximum values are mostly between 28 and 32 degrees. Also in the somewhat cooler winter months the lowest values do not sink under 21 degrees. Only in the higher mountain regions are the average temperatures lower. Precipitation falls during the whole year. However, during the rainy season from April to December the rainfall is significantly higher than in the other months. Due to the topography of the island, up to 5000 litres of rain per year are expected in the mountain regions. On the north coast the annual precipitation lies between 1300 and 1500 litres, on the south coast only between 600 and 800 litres. Between June and November, the island can be on the track of a hurricane.

The most pleasant weather for trips to Puerto Rico is found in the months from December to April. Then it is the tourist high season. But also in the not so overcrowded months November and May trips are recommended.


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