Climate Republic of Macedonia

Climate Europe

Macedonia's climate can be divided into different areas. In the east of the country there is a moderate continental climate. The winters are quite humid and cold, the summers hot and dry. It gets warmest in the north and northeast. In July and August, the daily temperatures there are usually over 30 degrees. Further to the west influences of the Mediterranean Sea are noticeable. Despite no direct location by the sea, the winters here are milder and rainer than in the east. The summers are also dry and long. The mountain regions represent a further climatic area. There is a rough mountain climate with lots of snow and long winters at low temperatures. In the rather short summers it usually remains cool. The annual precipitation is much higher than in the rest of the country.

Late summer and early autumn are the best months for a holiday with outdoor activities. City tours are also worthwhile in spring, when it rains even more frequently. Winter sports enthusiasts can enjoy the mountains from January to March.


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