Climate Slovokia

Climate Europe

Slovakia has an overall continental climate. Despite its small size, there are regional differences. Numerous mountain ranges have a great influence on the climatic conditions. In the High Tatras with peaks up to 2700 meters, mountain climate prevails with cold to very cold and snowy winters and rather dry and cool summers, depending on the altitude. In the south of the country there are lowlands like the Danube valley in the southwest. This is where the climate is warmest and driest. In the summer the average maximum values are between 24 and 26 degrees, in the winter between 1 and 4 degrees. In the southeast the weather is more continental with hotter summers, but also colder winters. The annual rainfall is between 500 mm in the southern lowlands and partly more than 2000 mm in the high mountains.

Slovakia offers numerous lakes for swimming holidays, which are recommended especially in the summer months. You should also plan hiking and climbing tours in the mountains during the summer months. Winter sports can be practised in the mountain regions from December to April.


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