Climate Solomon Islands

Climate Australia & Oceania

The Solomon Islands have a warm and humid tropical climate. The annual average temperatures are between 26 and 31 degrees, depending on the island, and show only slight temperature fluctuations in the course of the year. The largest amounts of rain fall from November to April. This is also when the temperatures and humidity are at their highest. Between January and March the islands can also be hit by typhoons. From May to October it is drier. Nevertheless, 7 to 10 rainy days per month must be expected. The annual precipitation reaches 1800 to 3000 mm in most regions. On the mountain slopes facing the wind they can be considerably higher at 6000 to 8000 mm.

For trips to the Solomon Islands, the dry season between May and October is recommended. Then the temperature and humidity are more pleasant than in the rest of the year.


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