Climate Sri Lanka

Climate Southeast Asia

Sri Lanka, located between the sixth and tenth northern latitudes, has a distinct tropical monsoon climate, which is somewhat mitigated by the influence of the Indian Ocean. Seasons as such do not exist. The Jaffna Peninsula in the north of the country is hot and dry; the coastal areas and the lowlands in the south and west are warm and humid: The central mountainous region with altitudes up to 2,500 m is partly dry, partly humid, but cooler than the lowlands. In Colombo and in the southwest it generally rains from May to August and in the northeast from November to February. In the mountains it usually rains from July to December, with average temperatures of 29-35°C in the plain and 22°C in the mountains (10-16°C at night). The warmest months are March and April.

For trips to the northeast coast you should choose a period between April and September. For journeys to the southwest coast the period from October to April is suitable.


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