Climate Swaziland

Climate Southern Africa

The seasons are the opposite of the European ones: June is winter, December is summer. Seen from the west, Eswatini is divided into four different areas:

The Highveld is a mountainous landscape with rivers and valleys and coniferous forests at an average altitude of 1,300 metres. The highest elevation in this region is 1,863 m. The capital Mbabane is located in Highveld. In this region of Eswatini there are mostly pleasant temperatures, but the humidity is quite high, and here most of the rain falls.

The Middleveld is a flat grassland at an average altitude of 700 m. There is the city of Manzini and the Ezulwini Valley. The climate in this region is subtropical and drier than in Highveld.

The Lowveld, which is on average 220 m above sea level, is bushland. The climate here is almost tropically warm and the least amount of rain falls in the whole country. In the summer the temperatures rise partly over 32°C.

The Lubombo, the high ridge with an average height of approx. 600 m has a climate, which could be called subtropical. Most of the rain falls in summer, from October to March. Long lasting rainfalls are rare.

Climatically speaking, travel time in Eswatini is all year round.


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