Climate Syria

Climate Western Asia

As in other Mediterranean countries, the climate in the coastal areas is mild and rainy in winter and hot and dry in summer. In the interior (Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, Hama) the winters are relatively cold with much rain. The average temperature is 14°C in November, 6°C in December and 8°C in January. At this time there is snow in the mountains. The summers in the interior are usually very hot. The average temperature in Damascus is about 21°C in May, about 24°C in June and about 26°C in July/August. In September it usually gets cooler again (about 23°C).

In the desert area (Palmyra) the differences between winter and summer are even bigger and the temperature fluctuations between day and night are stronger. In the months of July and August, day temperatures between 30 and 35°C can be expected. Since it is a dry heat, it is relatively bearable.

Syria is best visited in spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November).


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