Climate Ukraine

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Ukraine has different climate zones due to its location, orography and size: temperate continental climate in the central west, marsh climate in the northwest, steppe climate in the east, Mediterranean climate on the Black Sea as well as on the Crimean peninsula and mountain climate in the Carpathians in the southwest and in the Crimean Mountains. All in all, Ukraine has a moderate continental climate. This is particularly evident in the large temperature differences between summer and winter. In summer, average temperatures between 20 and 27 degrees Celsius are reached, and in winter temperatures are mostly below zero. Only at the Black Sea are the winters significantly milder, but also the summers hotter. Most rainy days lie in the winter months. The largest annual precipitation falls with up to 1600 mm in the Carpathians. Otherwise the precipitation amounts lie predominantly between 500 and 700 mm per year.

For a holiday on the Black Sea coast, the months of May to October are recommended. In midsummer, however, it can get very hot. However, there is usually a pleasant breeze that makes the temperatures bearable. The Carpathians offer themselves in the winter months for winter sportsmen. Due to the partly very cold temperatures, one should arrive however better in the late winter. Spring and autumn are particularly suitable for city tours.


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