Climate Bangladesh

Climate Southeast Asia

Bangladesh has a tropical climate. It is characterised by high temperatures all year round and monsoon winds, which ensure a dry and a rainy season. From May to October the southwest monsoon brings heavy rainfall. The daily maximum temperatures then usually reach between 35 and 40 degrees with an extremely high humidity. At night, temperatures often remain above the 25 degree mark. From November to April the dry northeast monsoon blows. Then it rains much less often. While the maximum temperatures are usually still over 25 degrees, the night temperatures decrease and reach in the coldest months on average only between 10 and 15 degrees. The greatest heat usually occurs shortly before the beginning of the rainy season. In Bangladesh there are large regional differences in the annual rainfall. In the west of the country, the smallest quantities are recorded at around 1000 litres per square metre. To the east the annual precipitation rises up to 5000 litres. In the months of March, April and October, Bangladesh can be on the train of a hurricane.

The best months for a trip to Bangladesh are November to February. Then it is dry season, and it is not as hot and humid as in the other months.


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