Climate Gambia

Climate Northern Africa

The Gambia is characterized by a tropical warm climate. In Gambia there is a pronounced dry and rainy phase. The rainy season lasts from June to October and the dry season from November to May. In spring temperatures of up to 43 degrees can be reached in the interior of the country. In the coastal areas it is clearly more pleasant with maximum temperature values of 34 degrees. With a relative humidity of 80 percent in the summer months, it is often unpleasantly humid in Gambia. The rainiest month is August with about 400 mm. The annual precipitation on the coast is up to 1600 mm and in the interior less than 1000 mm. In the dry season, trade winds blow from the Sahara (Harmattan), which transport dry and dusty air to Gambia. Moreover, there is almost no precipitation during this period and the sky is mostly cloudless.

The best time to visit the Gambia is in the winter months from November to May, as the temperatures are quite pleasant with peaks of up to 30 degrees and the humidity is low. From November to February, Gambia is an interesting destination for birdwatching as many migratory birds spend the winter here.


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