Climate Ghana

Climate Northern Africa

Ghana has a very tropical climate. In the eastern coastal belt it is warm and relatively dry. The average annual temperature in Accra, for example, is about 30°C. It is warm and humid in the southwest of the country (Sekondi-Takoradi) and in the forest areas of the Ashanti (Kumasi), whereas it is hot and dry in the northernmost desert region (Tamale). In the south there are two rainy seasons: One runs from March to July, the other from September to November. In the north, precipitation occurs mainly in the months from March to September, and humidity is very high at around 80 percent, which is usually measured. Accra has a tropical, hot and humid climate with daily temperatures up to 34°C in the period from November to May. In July and August the thermometer usually climbs to around 28°C during the day, then drops to around 24°C during the night. The relative humidity is 65-96 percent. Compared to other areas, precipitation in Accra is rare (annual average at about 850 mm).

The best time to visit Ghana is from July to August or from November to February.


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