Climate Hungary

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Due to protective low mountain ranges in the north and west of the country, Hungary has a rather dry continental climate. This is shown by large temperature fluctuations between the hot summer and the relatively cold winter. In the coldest month of January, the average maximum temperature is between minus 6 and minus 4 degrees. In the hottest month of July, the maximum temperatures reach average values between 25 and 27 degrees. Most rainy days occur in the spring months. The most abundant rainfall falls in June. Compared to the neighbouring countries, however, Hungary's climate is drier due to its sheltered location. Only in the west of the country is the climate slightly oceanic and more humid.

The summer months are the best time for a bathing holiday at Lake Balaton. But also in June and autumn bathing is often possible. Spring and autumn are ideal for sightseeing or hiking tours, for which it is often too hot in summer.


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