Climate Israel

Climate Western Asia

Israel has both a Mediterranean climate and a desert climate. The northern part of the country is characterized by a Mediterranean climate with rather hot, dry summers and mild, humid winters. In summer, the average maximum temperatures are between 27 and 31 degrees, and almost no rain falls. During the remaining months, between 500 and 900 mm of rain fall, with the largest rainfall occurring inland. The maximum temperatures in winter reach 13 to 17 degrees. Towards the south of Israel, the amount of precipitation is decreasing and the rainy season is getting shorter and shorter until finally in the Negev desert and in the southern Jordan Valley only little or almost no rain falls. From March to October the maximum temperatures are often above 40 degrees. In winter 20 to 23 degrees are reached, and at night temperatures can drop below 10 degrees.

You can travel to Israel at any time of the year. In spring and autumn temperatures and weather are the most pleasant. The summer months and early autumn are ideal for a Mediterranean bathing holiday.


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