Climate Lesotho

Climate Southern Africa

The climate in Lesotho is temperate and warm. Due to its altitude, temperatures in Lesotho are rather low compared to other African countries. The average annual temperature in Maseru is 22.5 degrees during the day and 7.7 degrees at night. In winter from June to August it can get very cold. In the high altitudes it comes to frost and in the high mountain areas in the east snow falls. In summer (November to March) it gets warmer in Lesotho. During the day the temperature can rise to 30 to 35 degrees, and at night it drops to 12 degrees. During this period, about 85 percent of all rainfall falls. The annual precipitation is between 600 mm and 800 mm.

The best time to visit Lesotho is during the transition period of April and May and in September and October. During this period there are pleasant temperatures and the rainfall is not too high.


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