Climate Morocco

Climate Northern Africa

In Morocco there are regionally very different climatic conditions. On the coasts and in the northwest of the country there is a Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summer months in which the temperatures rise to over 25 degrees during the day and do not drop by more than 10 degrees at night. Rain mainly falls in the winter months. The further one moves inland towards the Atlas Mountains, the more continental the climate becomes. In summer, maximum temperatures of up to 45 degrees are not uncommon, while in winter temperatures can sometimes drop to freezing point. On the heights of the Atlas mountains the mean values are partly only around 10 degrees. On the west side of the Atlas more than 1000 litres of rain can fall per year, while on the east side only between 200 and 250 litres. The south of Morocco comprises the periphery of the Sahara, so that there is a very hot and dry desert climate.

For trips to the west and north of Morocco, the time between May and October is recommended. However, a visit to the east or south of the country is recommended between March and May and in October and November.


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