Climate Namibia

Climate Southern Africa

Namibia lies south of the equator and therefore has opposite seasons to the northern hemisphere. Namibia has a predominantly very dry desert climate with a very mild winter (approx. 20°C) and a warm, sometimes hot summer in which temperatures rise up to 32°C. The climate is very mild in the winter (approx. 20°C) and warm in the summer (approx. 32°C). In Namibia it is very dry in the south. The annual rainfall is about 50 mm. To the north the annual precipitation increases and can amount up to 550 mm. Along the coast (due to the Benguela Current) the temperatures are very pleasant, but sometimes you have to reckon with cold days.

The rainy season is from January to March.

The best time to visit Namibia is from April to October, in the coastal areas also from October to March.


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