Climate Poland

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Due to its direct location on the Baltic Sea in the north and west, Poland has a maritime climate with rather humid, moderately warm summers and not too cold winters. The south and east of the country, on the other hand, are much more continental. The summers there are drier and hotter, but the winters are also much colder and snowier. If humid air from the Atlantic meets hot air in summer and cold air from the east over Poland in winter, this can lead to large amounts of precipitation. The precipitation mainly occurs as ascending rain on the western sides of the mountains. The days of precipitation are usually quite evenly distributed throughout the year, with the largest amounts falling in the summer months. Average summer temperatures in most regions are between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. High temperatures above 30 degrees are not uncommon in the east and south.

Poland offers its attractions in all seasons. In winter you can ski in the Carpathians and the Tatras from December to March. In the summer months you can enjoy a bathing holiday at the Baltic Sea. Also in spring and autumn Poland is worth a trip with mild temperatures.


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