Climate Somalia

Climate Northern Africa

The climate in Somalia is determined by the monsoon winds that bring the country four seasons. The southwestern monsoon provides a mild climate in the area around Mogadishu in the months from May to October. Between December and February, the north-eastern monsoon also provides a mild climate. Between the monsoon winds (October to November and March to May) it is hot and humid. The average temperature, except in the mountain and coastal regions, is between 26 and 29°C all year round, and the maximum temperature between 30 and 40°C. The average temperature is between 26 and 29°C all year round. In the mountains it can go up to freezing point, at the coast up to 46°C.

The best time is in the south May to October and in the north December to February. For business trips, the period from October to May is recommended.


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