Climate Sudan

Climate Northern Africa

Tropical climate. The north is hot and dry during the summer months (temperatures between 40 and 42°C, occasionally around 50°C), dry in winter (November to March), but cooler.

The area around the Red Sea is hot, moderate to high humidity all year round. Main rainy season (up to 5 days/month) in July and August. From October to March cooler and more pleasant with occasional rain in November

The central part of the country is extremely humid during the months of April to June, extremely hot during the day, and slightly cool in the evening and at night. In autumn (July to October) warm and quite humid with lots of rainfall. In winter (November to March) it is cool (i.e. about 25°), sunny and dry.

In the south it is warm and fairly dry from November to February; if rain falls, it happens in the months March to October

The average minimum and maximum temperatures are:

In Khartoum November to February 16 to 36°C, April to June 26 to 42°C, July to October 25 to 40°C, during the summer months up to 50°C in the shade. In winter, temperatures can drop to 10°C at night.

In Port Sudan the annual average temperature is between 27 and 42°C, temperatures around 50°C are not uncommon.

A trip to Sudan is recommended from September to April.


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