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France has many different climatic conditions. In the northwest there is a moderate maritime climate. The winters are mild but rainy, the summers only moderately warm and also quite wet. In the northeast the climate is more continental. In the summers it can become relatively warm and in the winter snow falls especially in the Vosges. In the west at the Atlantic coast oceanic moderate climate prevails. In winter it is humid and not too cold. Snow rarely falls. In summer it is humid and warm. At the Mediterranean Sea there is a different climate. The summers fall out with average maximum temperatures over 25 degrees hot with little precipitation and in the winters it remains mild. The largest amounts of precipitation go down there in the autumn months. Furthermore, in the Alps and Pyrenees there is a rather rough mountain climate with dry summers and cold and snowy winters. A similar climate also prevails in the Massif Central. On the other hand, it remains milder in the Paris basin and in the Loire valley. Warm summers are also to be expected there.

The months June to September are recommendable for a bathing holiday at the Atlantic Ocean. On the Mediterranean you will find pleasant bathing temperatures even in May and October. For city trips and round trips, spring or autumn are best. Winter sports enthusiasts get their money's worth in the mountain regions from December to April.


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