Climate Kazakhstan

Climate Central Asia

Due to its location in the heart of the Euro-Asian continent, Kazakhstan has an extremely continental climate. The country extends between the 41st and 55th degrees north latitude. The northernmost point of the country corresponds to the location of Moscow, the southernmost point of Madrid.

In the north the winter lasts long, and one can count on very low temperatures. In the south the winter is only short

Summer is generally long and dry. Strong winds and sandstorms can be expected all year round. Rainfall is low throughout the year, with Almaty having the highest rainfall in April. 27°C in summer and -13°C in winter. In the north the temperature difference between summer and winter is more extreme. In Astana, for example, which is located in the steppe climate zone, temperatures of over 30°C are sometimes measured in summer, and in winter temperatures drop below minus 30°C in some cases. Icy winds are not uncommon at this time either.

From April to June and from September to October. The months of June and August are particularly suitable for mountain tours, the ski season runs from January to March.


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