Climate Libya

Climate Northern Africa

Libya can be divided into two climate zones. The Mediterranean climate in the coastal region is warm and humid in winter. In the dry summer mostly maximum values between 30 and 33 degrees are reached. In winter, the maximum temperatures are between 16 and 20 degrees. Rain falls almost exclusively in the period from November to February. The rest of the country is characterised by a dry and hot desert climate. The temperatures vary however between day and night as well as between the seasons very strongly. In winter, the maximum temperatures usually reach 18 to 24 degrees, at night temperatures can drop below 5 degrees. In summer the thermometer can climb up to 50 degrees, but as a rule the maximum values are between 38 and 42 degrees. During the nights, the lowest values are usually between 20 and 26 degrees. Precipitation is very low throughout the year, and sometimes it does not occur at all.

For trips inland and into the desert you should choose the winter months because of the hot summer temperatures. For holidays at the Mediterranean Sea, the whole year is suitable. In the summer, a bathing holiday is recommended, in the remaining months, one has pleasant weather to visit the antique sights.


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