Climate Mozambique

Climate Southern Africa

Mozambique is predominantly one of the tropics with alternating humidity and is characterised by a 2800 kilometre coastline. Around 80 percent of precipitation occurs during the rainy season from October to March. Annual precipitation is between 600 and 1500 mm, depending on the region. The dry season runs from April to September and can lead to droughts, especially in the south and in central regions. Mozambique can be divided into three climate zones. The northern coastal zone is under the influence of the northeastern monsoon, which brings a lot of rain, from October to March. During the dry season, the dry southwest winds blow. The southern coastal zone is influenced by the southeast trade wind. The rainy season is very rainy and hot. Temperatures of up to 30 degrees can be reached. The dry season, on the other hand, is rather cool with a daily temperature of 24 degrees. In the inland the hottest temperatures prevail with values of up to 37 degrees. The largest amounts of precipitation also fall from October to March.

The best time to visit Mozambique is during the dry season from April to October. The temperatures are more pleasant than during the rainy season and it is no longer so humid.


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