Climate Burma

Climate Southeast Asia

Myanmar has a typical monsoon climate with three different seasons:

The dry, cool season runs from November to mid-February, the hot season from March to mid-May. The rainy season from May to the end of October is characterised by high humidity and moderate temperatures.

The average temperature in the coastal and delta area is 32°C during the hot season. Temperatures of 38-40°C are often reached at this time of year. In the cooler season the average temperature is 21°C, the measured peak values climb to 30-35°C. In Yangon, which lies in a delta area, the summer temperatures are about 35-38.5°C (at night about 25°C). In the colder months, the thermometer usually rises to temperatures of 20-24°C.

Mandalay, located in central Myanmar, has extreme temperatures: In summer, 36.5-39.5°C are measured here, while in the colder months temperatures can drop to 9. In the mountains of Myanmar it is often even colder.

The most pleasant travel time for Central Europeans in Myanmar is usually between mid-October and mid-February.


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