Climate Reunion and associated islands

Climate Southern Africa

The tropical climate of Réunion is strongly influenced by the sea and the differences in altitude. On the coast the average temperature is between 18 and 31°C; in the mountains between 4 and 18°C, at night partly also minus degrees.

There are two seasons: In the winter months - the relatively cooler season - from May to November it is rather mild and dry, the average daytime temperature is 25°C.

Summer lasts approximately from December to February. During these months it is very warm, very humid, and especially along the coast there is high humidity. However, particularly hot days only occur in the shallow coastal areas. The nights are cool at altitudes above 500 m.

In the island region on the east coast, the trade winds can cause extremely high levels of precipitation in February and August, while there is much less precipitation on the west coast.

During the summer months, Réunion is occasionally hit by cyclones.

A trip to Réunion is recommended from May to November.


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