Climate Finland

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Finland is one of the countries with a cold temperate climate. It is maritime in the west and southwest and continental in the east and north due to its location on the Baltic Sea. In summer, the continental climate can provide temperatures in excess of 30 degrees, while it remains moderately warm in the south and west. During the winter months, the maximum daily temperatures throughout the country are usually below freezing. Lowest temperatures can occasionally fall below minus 40 degrees in the north, and lows of minus 25 degrees are possible in the south. The reason for the low temperatures are the polar nights that last several weeks in the north, during which the sun does not rise above the horizon. The largest amounts of precipitation fall from June to October. In southern Finland, annual precipitation of between 600 and 700 mm per square metre accumulates. In the north and northeast, precipitation is lower.

The summer months with long days and warm temperatures are best suited for hiking holidays or paddling tours on Finland's numerous lakes. But winter also has its charms with its abundance of snow, the polar nights and the occasional aurora borealis.


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