Climate Romania

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The climate in Romania is divided in two. The Carpathians separate the temperate climate regions in the west of the country from the continental regions east of the mountain range. In addition, the south and the coastal region on the Black Sea are also influenced by maritime influences. West of the Carpathians it can be relatively humid in the summer months. On the other hand, the winters are not as cold as in the east. There the temperature differences between summer and winter are bigger. The Black Sea and the Danube estuary are very mild in winter. Most precipitation occurs in the northwest of the country and in the Carpathians. The Black Sea is much drier.

In winter Romania offers good conditions for skiers in the Carpathians. The skiing season lasts from December to March. In summer, the Carpathians are ideal for hiking, while the Black Sea is a good place to enjoy a bathing holiday. In the transitional months, the mild temperatures are ideal for sightseeing and round trips.


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