Climate Mexico

Climate North America

The Mexican climate is mainly characterized by the different altitudes within the country. There are tropical and subtropical, as well as alpine and desert climates. In general, Mexico can be divided into four different temperature zones. The "Tierra Caliente", the "hot country" includes regions with altitudes below about 800 meters. It is the deepest and hottest zone of the country with average temperatures around and above 25 degrees. Above it lies the "Tierra Templada", the "temperate country", up to about 1700 metres above sea level. The average temperatures are mostly between 18 and 25 degrees. This is followed by the "Tierra Fría", the "cool country" with temperatures between 12 and 18 degrees. The temperature differences between day and night are large. The area with the highest snow-capped peaks in the country is called Tierra Helada. In the north of Mexico, the climate is predominantly steppe or desert with low annual rainfall. In the south, on the other hand, the climate is tropical. In the rainforests a lot of rain falls all year round at high temperatures. In the other tropics there are one to two more or less long dry seasons. In the centre of the country there is a subtropical climate.

For trips to Mexico, the drier months of October to May are ideal. However, it can also be unpleasantly cold at higher altitudes. From June to November there is a danger that a tropical cyclone will hit Mexico.


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