Climate Turkey

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Turkey's climate is very different due to its large size and its location between the Black Sea, the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. The Marmara region in the northwest of Turkey and the Black Sea region have a maritime and oceanic climate respectively. Summers are warm, but in winter snow can even fall in the coastal regions. Most precipitation occurs between November and February. Overall, the climate is rather humid. At the Aegean Sea as well as at the Mediterranean Sea there is a Mediterranean, partly subtropical climate. The summers are hot and dry with maximum temperatures over 30 degrees, the winters very mild. The interior of Turkey has a predominantly continental climate with hot and dry summers and very cold and snowy winters.

Turkey has its charms in all seasons. Many mountain regions offer themselves until April for a winter holiday. The regions by the sea are particularly suitable for a beach holiday in autumn, as it can get very hot in summer. But also in winter and spring you can enjoy the mild temperatures at the southern coasts as well as at the Aegean Sea.


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