Climate Pakistan

Climate Southeast Asia

Pakistan has a predominantly continental dry climate, characterised by hot summers and cool winters. The average daytime temperature is about 35-36°C (in Punjab and Sindh maximum temperatures up to 45°C are reached, on the coast up to 30°C). In the winter months, a daily average of about 14-16°C is measured. At night temperatures at freezing point are not uncommon. At the coast it is usually somewhat warmer with 17-19°C. The coastal areas have a very high humidity (in winter 80-90 percent, in summer 50-70 percent). In the months from the end of July to about September, the foothills of the Indian monsoon reach Pakistan and bring moderate rainfall, although it can be very heavy in the Punjab area. During the remaining months there is hardly any rain, apart from a few days in January and February.

In the western mountain regions, the climate is most pleasant for Europeans due to the altitude. In winter, however, it can get quite cold, for example in Gilgit.


KARACHI: The rainy season extends from June to August. May to June are the hottest months. At this time of year the average temperature is 30-34°C. The coldest month is January. The daily average is about 19°C (partly cooling down to 7°C).

LAHORE: The rainy season is from July to September. June is the hottest month with temperatures of 34-41°C, the coldest month is January with 12°C (0-5°C in the morning).

PESHAWAR: In this area the summers are warm and the winters cold. The rainy season runs from July to August and from January to February. The best travel season is from October to November and from February to April.

QUETTA: This region has a dry mountain climate. In the summer months from May to September, the maximum temperature is 29-34°C. The temperature in this region is very dry. In winter, from December to March, snow falls from January and temperatures range from -2 to 8°C.

During the winter months November to March (this also applies to business travellers). The best time to travel to the mountains of Pakistan (Murree, Swat, Kaghan, Gilgit) is from May to October.


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